Content editing

Tight content works - we’ll help you get to the point with our web writing skills. Prices start at $55 per hour.

Usability testing

If your website isn’t working, we can tell you why, and how to fix it. Packages available. Contact us for a quote.


Need a complete makeover? Let us redesign how you interact with your clients. Packages available. Contact us for a quote.

Updates and maintenance

Your website hasn’t been updated for 18 months? Eeek! Let us help you. Prices start at $35 per hour.

Urgent maintenance

For when the sky is on fire

Anytime (yes, we do mean 24 x 7). Urgent updates start at $95 per hour.

Please allow for a minimum of 2 hours response time after hours.

Note: we're still fine tuning this service.

Make a better web

Write and design for users

  • We work out what your users want
  • We test our stuff
  • We help you 'get' the web
  • We're experienced
  • Happy users means you succeed online

The team

We've got blogs and stuff

  • "I am a web nerd."

    Jilly Magee - Soup maker, UX, content, design, boss of it all
  • "I sort it and nail it."

    Clare Stride - Content, maintenance, organiser (not real pic)
  • "Me make it pretty."

    Carolyn Ryan - Graphic designer, smarty pants (not real pic)